2017 World Trade Center Association Global Annual Meeting and follow-up activities invite you to attend
Column:World Trade Center activities Time:2017-09-27
The 48th World Trade Center Association Annual Meeting will be held in Las Vegas, USA, April 2-5

Dear colleagues at the World Trade Center,

? ? ?The 48th World Trade Center Association Global Annual Meeting will be held in Las Vegas, USA, April 2-5. The organizer is the World Trade Center in Las Vegas and is the only World Trade Center in North America and one of the world's most widely used exhibition facilities. 3) to focus on three days, the theme of "global business opportunities, link you and me", aims to: 1) through the joint leadership, positioning, operation and profitability, strengthen the World Trade Center network; 2) lock the local best trade and investment opportunities ; 3) to establish and strengthen the interlinkages between the World Trade Center and the World Trade Center and local business leaders through a series of dynamic networking forums and events.

? ? ? World Trade Center leaders, CEOs, real estate developers, economists, trade experts, policy makers ... will gather in Las Vegas, hot how to jointly promote global solidarity and cooperation.

? ? ?Therefore, the World Trade Center Association and the Las Vegas World Trade Center jointly invited you to participate in the General Assembly, offer advice and seek common business opportunities.

? ? ?In addition, the Association of Beijing Representative Office to enrich everyone's trip to the United States, plans to end in the global annual meeting, and partners to organize the follow-up activities. Event Option A is a tour of San Diego / Los Angeles in Southern California in collaboration with World Trade Center (Beijing) Business Services Ltd., focusing on visiting the World Trade Center, examining businesses, markets and culture for April 5-9; Event Option B For the United States West Bank Science and Technology, with the Nanjing World Trade Center cooperation tour, focusing on the San Francisco Bay area of high-tech and Internet companies. Specific activity costs and arrangements are attached. Welcome to the World Trade Center and its member companies, local government representatives, partners and other applications to participate.