World Trade Chongqing

Chongqing World Trade Center in 1988 by the Chongqing municipal government to the World Trade Center Association headquarters in New York, formally approved as a member of the World Trade Center Association, WTCA in Chongqing, China set up the only branch
As a member of the city economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in the bridge, we and the global trade center has a wide range of contacts and exchanges.

The introduction of

? ? ??The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is a non-profit, non-political international organization based in New York in 1970. It is an important part of the global economy and is committed to promoting world trade. Members of the world more than 100 countries and regions, with 320 World Trade Center city members and 750,000 business members. WTCA members around the world have a common name - the World Trade Center (World Trade Center), referred to as the World Trade Center (WTC).
? ? ? ?The World Trade Center played an important role in the development and promotion of international trade, the dissemination of the concept of the World Trade Center and the development of cooperation projects around the world trade centers.
? ? ? ? WTCA enhances the World Trade Center brand by fostering a platform for trade, investment and exchange with the World Trade Center.
? ? ? ? Core value: reciprocity principle. The principle of reciprocity benefits all members of the World Trade Center. The core concept is that every member of the World Trade Center will automatically become a member of any World Trade Center around the world, when they receive services around the world, enjoy the local World Trade Center members equal treatment. The principle of reciprocity has greatly helped local members to open up the market, and has increased the number of services that the World Trade Center can provide to its members.

Development history

Development history Director: Li Shirong (British doctor)
Chongqing World Trade Center will be chairman
Deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission
Chongqing Shapingba District Government Deputy Mayor
Royal Chairman of the Royal Chartered Institute of Construction (UK)
Education: Ph.D., Department of Architectural Management, University of Reading, UK

Secretary-General: Spencer Wu (Wu Xueping)


Chongqing World Trade Center Secretary - General

(New York) Senior Financial Accountant ATARI (GT Interactive Software Inc.) (New York) Financial Accounting Accountant (New York) Financial Accounting Accountant (New York) Senior Financial Accountant ATARI (New York) Financial accountant

? Education: New York State University of Buffalo

? Bachelor degree: Accounting, Finance



World Trade Center's buildings and facilities generally include office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, convention centers, conference rooms and related business facilities, exhibition facilities, as well as apartments, etc. It tends to become a landmark in the city. At the same time, the World Trade Center provides its affiliates and tenants with supporting trade services, including trade information, market research, exhibition services, trade mission organizations, trade education programs, docking services, business clubs, and business center services. After 40 years of development, the World Trade Center has created a unique brand, established a dynamic global business network, with outstanding international influence, to help countless companies and communities to achieve their business ideals, but also for investors to create a huge Income and return

World-class brand

The World Trade Center is a recognized global brand of quality that creates huge intangible assets for buildings and institutions that use the World Trade Center logo and attracts major institutions and businesses in the field of international trade into tenants

Global network

The cooperation mechanism between the World Trade Center has laid the foundation for the construction of a global network. Nearly 100 countries in more than 320 world trade centers linked to the exchange of information between the interoperability and cross-regional cross-center docking to the tenants and members of the World Trade Center brought to the regional market convenience and fast access

Landmark character
Starting from the Gemini World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York, many of the world's trade centers have become the landmarks of the city's central business district because of their superior design and facilities, providing the city's internationalization and identity and interface with the global market. It not only for their own needs and economic benefits, to provide investment returns, but also to promote the surrounding land and the value of the building upgrade
International trade services
The trade services provided by the World Trade Center are based on the human network provided by its global network and the access to the local business community. Under the tide of today's electronic informationization, various e-commerce platforms are emerging, but the interpersonal interface is International trade has always been an indispensable role, cast the World Trade Center, the unique value of international trade services
Intensive benefits
The World Trade Center brings together the relevant institutions, high-end service providers and enterprises involved in international trade. This provides an interactive opportunity and convenience for all aspects of the international trade value chain. The one-stop service brings efficiency and reduces the efficiency. The cost
Regional economic contribution
The World Trade Center has made a significant contribution to the local economy, whether it is a landmark building for the improvement of the degree of internationalization of the city and the promotion of the development of the central business district, or the promotion of trade services to regional international trade and the help of enterprises. Many of the world's trade centers also have high-end hotel and conference facilities, and its attracting business guests will have a positive economic impact on the local industries



International trade involves a number of areas that require a range of trade services and professional skills. These support conditions are becoming more and more important today in economic globalization. While the government has played a supporting role in trade development, the World Trade Center's professional services on its global network often play a key role in the successful international trade and expansion of trade

Trade information and market research

The World Trade Center provides a range of information services to facilitate the successful trade, such as trade statistics, business contacts, buyers and suppliers, laws and regulations, and market environment. Most importantly, the local World Trade Center can interact with other cities in the world trade center, constitute an indispensable international trade network interface to achieve global business information and business opportunities to access

Trade education services

The World Trade Center offers a wide range of international trade courses covering local and international issues. At the same time, the World Trade Center also organizes lectures and seminars to discuss global trade issues and invites experts to address the latest trade developments
Exhibition services

As a trade fair organizer and exhibition venue operator, the World Trade Center is a leader in hosting exhibitions and exhibition-related activities, attracting tens of thousands of exhibitors and helping to achieve countless business transactions. Many World Trade Centers also have fixed locations to showcase local products and services

Business services

The World Trade Center offers a range of business services such as video conferencing, temporary offices, conference rooms, secretarial services and translation services
Trade delegation

The World Trade Center organizes and leads trade delegations to visit, explore new markets, and also visit visiting trade missions to match potential buyers and sellers

World Trade Center Club

To provide members and their guests with comfortable clubs and catering services to promote networking, and for a variety of business activities with office features dedicated private rooms. In addition, regular thematic events are held to facilitate business links and communication